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Bottled Up Bitterness

Just moments ago, I found myself venting to a friend about my frustrations that I had held in for much too long. My dissatisfaction with work, my current life circumstances, societal issues... the works, really. And even though many of these things are right to be upset about, I had bottled them all up inside, allowing them to grow rancid and rotten, as all things do when you leave them unattended long enough. It's truly disturbing how negative and bitter one grows when left alone to contend with their own thoughts. As of late, life has been placing many weights on me, many of which I'm ill-equipped to handle, but still expected to nonetheless. But I think the critical mistake I often make is the assumption that this weight is to be carried by me alone. For most of my life, my thoughts and feelings have not been taken seriously, and have been constantly dismissed. Even recently in my workplace, doubt has been cast on the legitimacy of my thoughts and feelings. It's extrao