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Disillusionment and Devaluation

Distant. That is the first word I think of when I imagine my place in this world. It's also the first word I think of when I imagine how we may relate to our own deeply rooted humanity. It seems that as time has gone on, our humanity has been reduced to near-nothingness. No longer are we considered creators. No longer are we intimately acquainted with meaningful work. No longer do we know our neighbors well, or consider the strength of our communities. Humans, in the lens of our supposedly grand society, have become nothing more than numbers in a writhing mass of profit and utility. Replaceable.  Disposable.  Worthless. How often are we expected to feel human in a society that doesn't seem to value us as such? There are submarines in the ocean right now carrying several missiles with nuclear warheads, each one having up to ~20x the power of the bomb that was dropped on Hiroshima, which murdered 70,000 - 126,000 civilians. War is waged remotely via drones, laying waste to the li

On the Essence of Creativity

Humans are, in my opinion, inherently creative and inventive creatures. The ingenuity of humanity has averted catastrophe many times throughout history, has built our surroundings that lead to the high standard of living we have today, and has created art that touches even the most subconscious of emotions.  The creative process takes an incredible variety of forms, but it feels as though the word "creativity" has been relegated only to those who create in the traditional forms of media (i.e. writing, painting, drawing, music, etc.). I personally feel that we are all creators in some form or another, and the word creative can mean more than simply the production of something that's pleasing to the senses. How many people have you heard describe a chemist or an engineer as a creative mind? Personally, I have very rarely heard of those belonging to such occupations being described in such a way. But how is the engineer who uses his mind, wielding the informati

Existing Within an Observatory

Existing as a human being on our planet is strange. That isn't to say I'm not grateful to exist, or that I don't feel the beauty that being a human entails, but I can't help but feel out of place occasionally. I find myself driving to work, moving as an object - a metal machine with four wheels, rather than a person. I find myself walking on roads and sidewalks, not directly touching the Earth that my feet evolved to interact with. I find myself regularly interacting with refined minerals with screens that humans have, over many years of innovation, have taught to process, think, and respond. It all feels so overwhelmingly artificial and unnatural .  This feeling even occasionally extends to my interactions with others. I have close friends that I share the most intimate details of my life with, exchange thoughts and feelings with, and typically have a mutually beneficial friendship with that I value highly. But there seems to be an active feeling of alienation that I