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On Owning a Pet

A couple of months ago, I took in a cat. I was in my last hour of my shift, and my coworkers and I saw a small cat dart past the window and underneath a car to hide. A couple of my coworkers are cat people, and in their well-meaning and compassionate nature, quickly went outside to investigate. His meows were loud, and he sounded like he was calling out for help. They took him behind the building, where we had food and water set up for another cat that had been frequenting the building for some safety and refuge.  About 10 minutes later, my curiosity got the best of me and I had to see the thing for myself and headed on to the back of the building. The small orange creature was walking away down the alley, but seemed to be slow and tired. I picked him up, which he took surprisingly well to, and placed him in the shade near the food and water. He took a few drinks of water and splayed himself in the corner against a wall. He was a dirty and ratty little cat, with a blood-red eye he coul